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This site is mainly dedicated to my last book and the blog related to it that I wrote in 2010-11.

In Winners and Losers I describe how a handful of organizations in the last thirty years created entirely new markets and industries, how others tried and failed, and how long-established industry leaders were suddenly toppled. I reveal how companies like Amazon and Google rose from nothing to revenues of billions; how IBM, Kodak and AOL suddenly faced disaster; how Nokia and Sky bounced from near-bankruptcy to global leadership; and chart the incredible rise, fall and rise again of Apple.

The main question I tried to answer is what it was about a few winners than enabled them to hold onto their prizes – the attributes shared by all successful market creators and the very different ones required for holding onto industry leadership.

Winners and Losers also explains why the digital revolution has meant so much creative destruction; how unfamiliar competitors, disruptive technologies and bizarre business models have brought down apparently unassailable market leaders; how network effects and feedback loops helped winners like Microsoft and eBay to get such a grip on customers; and how meteoric success can lead to hubris, and often nemesis.

You can read here extracts from Winners and Losers and my thoughts on some of the issues it deals with.