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Just too big

30 November 2009

You’d think it was abundantly clear by now that banks that are too big to fail are just too big. Bankers tend not to agree.

Anyone else still doubtful should read the analyses of Willem Buiter, Martin Wolf, John Kay and Gillian Tett. Simon Johnson, the former chief economist at the IMF […]

Dell’s fading star

26 November 2010

Long before it actually became market leader, Dell was the hottest name in the PC industry and Michael hailed as a business genius. His face on endless magazine covers, author of a deservedly best-selling book, he was the subject of a reverential interview in the Harvard Business Review. The CEOs of leading […]

Nineties meteor, Noughties Also Ran

21 November 2009

The news that Dell has been pushed from second to third position in the PC market is a reminder of how short are the reigns of most industry leaders – in the first half of this decade it was number one and undisputed heavyweight champion. This industry of course has always been […]

The free lunch

15 November 2009

The sharpest comments I’ve seen on Rupert Murdoch’s latest pronouncement were from Cory Doctorow on BoingBoing and John Gapper in the Financial Times. (In an interview, which is available on BoingBoing, Murdoch said that he planned to charge for the content on News Corp web sites, and that he might even bar […]

The 500 year-old technology

11 November 2009

Despondency in publishing circles has plumbed such depths recently that some have even wondered if the printed book itself is not doomed. To put this in perspective it is worth considering how railways, cinemas, mainframe computers and photographic film were marginalized.


The end of email?

8 November 2009

This may be a bit rich coming from me, but perhaps expressions like ‘winners and losers’ and ‘creative destruction’ have reinforced a crudely gladiatorial view of the complex patterns of economic change. If Google is up , then Microsoft must be down or, as Gore Vidal put it apropos of […]

Evolution or Revolution?

4 November 2009

Tim asks what the difference is ‘between peaceful evolution and continuous revolution. Is CD a revolutionary argument that peaceful evolution does not exist?’


Denying creative destruction

3 November 2009

I agree that the financial sector is no more immune from creative destruction than any other industry, though the fact that it is too crucial to the rest of the economy for governments to allow widespread failure makes it a special case. The barriers to entry are also pretty formidable. The telecom […]