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Up in the air

27 January 2010

Up in the Air is a rather good movie that’s been hailed as a great piece of social commentary, but the picture it paints of the business world is a fantasy. George Clooney and Vera Farmiga are terrific, especially together; the clips of real people, devastated at losing their jobs, are moving; […]

How evil is Google?

20 January 2010

Google’s announcement that it is no longer prepared to cooperate with the Chinese authorities in ‘filtering’ search results and may pull out of the country altogether is proof positive for the faithful of just how different a company it is. The fact that there were probably business considerations behind the decision as […]

Microsoft, Google and commoditization

11 January 2010

This post was to have been about Google’s vaulting ambitions and its supposed similarities to Microsoft, but John Gapper’s latest piece in the FT and Chris Dixon’s blog made me think again. While I agree with almost all of Gapper’s observations on open systems and much of what Dixon says, I have […]