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How to create a new market

28 April 2010

A striking example of the ubiquity of obliquity is that scarcely anybody sets out deliberately to create a new market, yet that is what nearly all of my subjects in Winners and Losers did. One exception is eBay – Pierre Omidyar’s idea was always to create ‘a perfect market’, a level-playing field […]

The subtle charms of obliquity

19 April 2010

John Kay’s Foundations of Corporate Success is one of the best books on business strategy, a brilliant counterweight to Michael Porter’s thinking, with its emphasis on barriers to competitive entry. Like Porter, Kay is primarily an economist, though one with many intellectual interests. His latest book, Obliquity, pulls together ideas he has […]

The perils of hubris

3 April 2010

Hubris gets a bad press, and deservedly so. The reckless arrogance of the leaders of Enron and WorldCom not only destroyed their businesses but took some of them to jail. Many feel that bankers deserved a similar fate after ludicrous levels of overconfidence spurred them to take on unprecedented levels of debt, […]