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How To Create A New Market

Kieran Levis, author of Winners and Losers, Creators and Casualties of the Age of the Internet.

This workshop is aimed at entrepreneurs, business executives and students, and is based on Kieran Levis’ analysis of how new markets are created and the attributes of successful market creators. Drawing on the stories of Apple, Amazon, eBay, Google, Webvan and Nokia, Kieran shows what makes new markets different from mature ones and identifies the crucial success factors for those who create them: radical strategic vision, distinctive organisational capabilities, disciplined entrepreneurialism, compelling customer proposition and original business model.

Kieran also explains some of the unusual features of the networked economy, like network effects and feedback loops, which have enabled a few organisations to achieve near monopolies. He examines when first mover advantage applies – and when it does not. He shows how creative destruction threatens all incumbents and makes lasting competitive advantage so elusive.

The core of the workshop lasts 90 minutes and contains two 20-25 minute presentations, each followed by questions and discussion. Where more time is available, this is followed by a discussion session on the essential attributes for all businesses operating in new and volatile markets.

Kieran Levis is Principal of Cortona Consulting, which advises companies on marketing and business strategy in markets for new media and technology. He has worked in this field since 1980: as a business executive he devised and launched new ventures in online information and satellite television and took some to profitability; as a management consultant he has helped technology companies like HP, BT, Intel, Havas, the Open University and the BBC, as well as start-ups on both sides of the Atlantic, to evaluate opportunities and threats in new markets.

He has written several reports on the evolution of the Internet and on technology in learning. He spent most of 2004-2008 researching and writing Winners and Losers.